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"Terry has done our taxes for nearly 20 years. His work is exemplary as is his advice and counsel."

-Bob J., Boise, ID

"We have been clients of Terry Stone for over 20 years in both business and personal. His service is efficient and timely. He's well prepared and keeps on top of current law and accounting procedure. We appreciate and value Terry."

-Linda, Roseville, CA

"Most wonderful CPA on the planet. He steadily and surely brought me back into the light. I have worked with Terry for many, many years. He is a fabulous person and hands down - the best CPA there is!"

-Vanessae, Fresno, CA

"Mr. Stone, Thank you for helping with my 2005 to 2012 Federal/State tax returns. I know it has been a long time period to cover, once again, thanks."

-Anonymous, Fresno, CA

"I had been a single parent, am still a small business owner, and was newly married with a long term serious tax issue when I came to Terry a few years back by referral. Although I had a "tax preparer" for a number of years prior, I had let some tax issues go unresolved and combined with other personal circumstances, a tax situation developed into a storm waiting to happen that seemed larger than I would ever be able to navigate. Terry, in his calm and cool demeanor, (great for "type A personalities" like me) applied his obvious knowledge, professionalism, and skill with navigating challenging tax issues and government employees. He charted a course that allowed me to get totally current with the tax authorities and helped bring an end to years of worry about waiting for the dreaded "next shoe to drop". This allowed me to move on with my business and more importantly, my life with my new wife without the storm of ongoing tax challenges on the horizon. My wife and I consider him our "Zen Master" for tax; accounting or financial advice and whatever your circumstances, whether your ship has come in, or you're being tossed about in the storm, I strongly urge you to call Terry and set up an appointment without delay. I cannot recommend Terry Stone highly enough and am confident you will benefit from his wise counsel as I have, and hope to continue to, for many more years."

-Michael, Fresno, CA

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